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We Make People Play
We are a leading online gaming software provider that powers the world’s top iGaming operators.
Known for a variety of high-quality content and impeccable support, our games are played in 85 markets worldwide.

We attribute our success to sleek graphics, simplicity of gameplay, classical themes,
and proven algorithm that increases players’ lifetime value and keeps them in the game.
Team Mates

Get to know your team mates

“Becoming good at what you do is like solving a puzzle – you need to have the patience to put each piece in its right place.”

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Deyan Gyurdzhekliev
Senior Software Developer

“Whatever you do make sure you put passion in it.”

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Vyara Tsakova
Java Trainee

“Sometimes in life you need to have the courage to take a turn and find yourself and what you are good at.”

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Kaloyan Zykov
Software Developer

“Accept every day as a new challenge and you won’t have a choice but end up consistently outperforming yourself.”

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Danina Nenova
2D/3D Artist
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Our Expertise

We are keen in enterprise software technology expertise across all major development environments.
- Java
- Spring
- Linux
- JavaScript
- TypeScript
- React
- Canvas
2D/3D Art
- After Effects
- Audition
- Media Encoder
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Maya
Graphic and Web design
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Sketch
- Flinto
- After Effects