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EGT Interactive online casino software solutions
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What do we offer?

The EGT Interactive portfolio includes video slots, roulettes, video pokers, keno and new variety of games are constantly being developed. To meet the operators’ acquisition and retention strategies our server based games can be offered to players both on their desktop or mobile device. All of them are executed in Flash. A number of the games are also available for iOS and Android. All games support the exciting Jackpot Cards feature, both on computer and handheld devices.

EGT Multigame Server (MGS) system is a technology solution that provides online operators with a direct connection with EGT Interactive’s most popular online casino gaming content.

Our games are based on an attractive Return-to-Player (RTP) strategy, which has proven to increase the player lifetime value.

The connection between EGT MGS system and the casino operators is established through one-time integration via web services API. It allows access to all current and upcoming EGT games and features.

The EGT MGS system monitors the operation process and guarantees:

  • Reliable and transparent transaction logging
  • Accurate and fail-safe calculation of all bets and winnings
  • Synchronization of all relevant game and transaction data with the gaming platform

All the activities are stored in a dedicated database. In order to guarantee zero loss of information, all successfully concluded events, operations and transactions are archived in near real-time.

Options and Platform Settings

The EGT MGS Back Office is a powerful tool that allows visualization of the whole game play, made on the Gaming system. Some of its main features are:

  • Real-time accounting
  • Comprehensive detailed game transaction history
  • Game management and monitoring
  • Administrator and role management
  • Statistics
  • Generation/Export of reports

The EGT MGS solution offers the following optional settings:

  • Enable/Disable of games, denominations and features
  • Pay-model management
  • Min and Max bet setting

Creating, maintaining and improving a secure environment are some of the most important duties of EGT’s MGS technology solution. A connection is established between the EGT MGS system and each of the casino operators it assists, followed by a data exchange through protocols and measures, designed to ensure maximum security for each party involved in the process.

Mobile iGaming – anytime, anywhere!

EGT Mobile creates both an acquisitive channel for the casino operators and ideal entertainment scenario for the players with unlimited access anywhere and anytime. EGT Mobile supports our best video slot games along with some exciting features. Combining fast loading, great performance and graphics, all into an intuitive user-friendly interface. The games are available through a web browser on all handheld devices, keeping the same perception and experience as with our acknowledged land based slot machines. Real casino games. Anywhere and anytime.